It’s been great to read

Apr 3, 2001

It’s been great to read the “What did you get?” messages from the family, as we remember Francis Zuiker and his legacy. One thing I know Grandpa gave to his family is the ability to make simple, humble statements of love. Like this message my father, Joseph, sent to me on my birthday yesterday:

    “you were my first buddy. we had great hikes, I saw you tell the deer in California that he was eating your toy. I think I taught you how to ride a bike. I put worms on you hook and I threw you a thousand passes. You scored a hundred touchdowns and we shared root beers, p&#226t&#233s, candy bars and other treats of life. Most of all you have been kind, courteous and a positive influence on yourself and your brothers. I am very grateful for your life today.”

Anton Zuiker

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