My turn. Today is my

Apr 1, 2001

My turn. Today is my 31st birthday—just why exactly I’m still awake at 12:53 a.m. remains to be answered: I’m addicted to my computer, and tonight I’m trying to install a new program to make my other website,, more fresh—and I am quite happy to be alive. I’m looking forward to another birthday, that of my first child, which should enter this world in the next 3 weeks. Though I recently had a premonition that Baby Z will be born on Erin’s birthday, April 18th. Ahhh, April is the month of life. I just wish someone would tell Mother Nature to lay off the crummy weather for Cleveland. But who am I to complain. I’m 31 today, and I’ve got plenty of sunny days ahead.

Anton Zuiker

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