Had a half hour of

Mar 12, 2001

Had a half hour of panic yesterday, in Wal-Mart of all places! Erin and I ended up there after we nixed going to see a movie—we made it to the theater, but the matinee price wasn’t available at 2, so we huffed away—and thought we’d stroll in looking for small gifts to send to Enna and Terry and Mereva and Priscilla and all the rest of our Paama family. Erin said she was gravitating to the baby clothes section, so I continued shopping, then cashed out, then walked all of the aisles looking for my pregnant wife. But I couldn’t find her. I paged her. I prayed for her. I searched for her in the other stores in the mall. All I could imagine is that she was passed out in the ladies restroom. On my way back in the store, I heard by name paged, and there was beautiful Erin at the checkout. Wheeeeeew. That must be the feeling of losing a child in a crowded park. Any of you have a story like that you’d like to share? Click the Discuss link now.

Anton Zuiker

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