I was cleaning up

Mar 4, 2001

I was cleaning up my messy home office today, and came across a photo album. Here’s an image I found, a photo of a happy time up at Ravens Roost in Tomahawk. That’s Matt cheering on Nick, with Chris holding the net. This reminded me of another time, when my high school buddies and I camped out at Ravens Roost. Early one morning, Doug and I paddled out onto the mist-covered lake and dropped in our lines. Doug landed a beautiful northern pike. We didn’t have a net, so we tried to keep it on the line as we paddled to shore. By this time, Kevin and Drew were awakened by Doug’s jubilant shouts, and they raced to the bank to take a photo. As Doug held his trophy by the fishing line, the pike wiggled loose and fell into the water. I lunged for the momentarily stunned fish, but it slipped through my hand, and Doug’s angry yells echoed down the lake. Grandpa Zuiker would have winked at us if we’d told him we’d gone fishing so ill-prepared! Got a Tomahawk fish story to share? Hit the Discuss link at the end of this post and share your story.

Anton Zuiker

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