Well, another long delay in

Feb 26, 2001

Well, another long delay in my posts. This past weekend, Erin and I travelled south to North Carolina to visit UNC Chapel Hill; Erin has applied to the School of Public Health, and she met with faculty there for an interview. The state was chilly—we just missed the big snowstorm that swept up the Eastern states—but the bright blue sky and golden sunshine was just what I needed. So who knows … we just may be the next Zuikers to head south.

Denver Siblings Recognize these siblings? Jonathan, Jenny and Justin, where are you? Please check in. Post a message to the Zuiker Forum and give us updates on your schools, jobs and significant others.

Gabrielle And here’s the latest photo of Gabrielle, Joel and Tracey’s adorable daughter. Joel called to say he’s cleaning out a fish tank so Gabrielle can have some gold fish to watch.

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