Yesterday, I was sitting in

Feb 17, 2001

Yesterday, I was sitting in St. Patrick’s Church in Cleveland’s historic Ohio City neighborhood, where Erin’s childhood friend, Megan Barry, married another longtime friend, Karl Kleinert. The church was beautiful, the bride stunning, Karl handsome and radiant. A string quartet played, and a soloist gently filled the church with her clear notes. All this got me to thinking about two things: weddings and music. As Erin and I prepare for the arrival of our first child (due April 22), we’ve spent a lot of time talking about our relationship, about our love affair, about our own wedding, and about how we want to parent our children. I feel so fortunate. I sat in the pew yesterday and thought about all the other weddings and relationships and families that I’ve been fortunate to witness. Our Zuiker Family has much to celebrate. Please share your news with me so this web site can be a celebration of our fortune.

And music. I have wonderful memories of the Ravens Roost jamboree, with uncles picking guitars, Grandpa on the banjo, cousins with harmonicas, aunts singing. I’ve been feeling a deep urge to take music lessons, and to sing more. I have been humming to Baby Z in the womb—probably a bit off key, but the kid will understand once he or she meets me. There’s so much music to listen to. What’s your favorite? Tell us in the Zuiker Forum.

Anton Zuiker

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