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Feb 15, 2001

Nick posted a message to the Forum about his trip to Pheonix. See what he learned in Arizona. And Joe, aka Goggles, sent this message around today: All over Las Vegas the big casino owners are looking in their warehouses for those old nickle slot machines because … joey goggles is coming to town. That’s right, Joe the Kid Goggles is heading to the Big Town for some action … I will be in Vegas on Thursday, March 8, and will stay until Monday afternoon March 12. I will be in Bakersfield, California, for three days before my party begins. I hope I haven’t forgotten the majic words as I pull back the handle after depositing my beloved nickle in the slot, never to see it again. Such pain, such adventure, such optimism. I hope to hook up with Betty and Gloria when I get to town. Also Nick will come down from Reno for a four-day outing with his father, the great nickle gambler. Maybe we will take in a big show etc. I will keep all informed. More later … Joey Goggles

Anton Zuiker

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