I’m back. Sorry about the

Feb 12, 2001

I’m back. Sorry about the silence over the last week. I was ill with a cold, then my wrist started to ache, so by Friday I had to impose a moratorium on computer use in order to stave off carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. That’s an excuse for my silence. Now what about your excuse? The ZuikerChronicles Forum has been up for weeks, but very few Zuikers have posted any messages. What’s wrong? You can’t all still be sullen about W. becoming president, and I know all of you don’t have cats. So speak up! Post a message today in the ZuikerChronicles Forum. If you’re having problems with the forum pages, or you can’t understand how to post a message, I need to know. (In that case, e-mail me at anton@zuiker.com.)

Anton Zuiker

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