I’ve heard from some of

Feb 4, 2001

I’ve heard from some of my immediate family that the signup process for the free e-mail might be a bit confusing. Here’s the link to get to the signup page—http://zuikerchronicles.mail.everyone.net/email/scripts/joinuser.pl?EV1=9813379841716899. At this page, choose your e-mail name—I’m anton@zuiker.com—and complete the form. Then hit submit, and you’ll have a new, free e-mail account. I hope you’ll sign up today, and I hope that you find it easy to use the e-mail service. As always, send your comments and suggestions to me at anton@zuiker.com.

Today, we have a new service available on our web site. Now, anyone can sign up to create and manage your own free web site, which we’ll call a Z-Page. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do the computer programming. This service has a wizard that will take you through the process. When you sign up, you get a web site that is part of the zuiker.com web site. For instance, I’ve signed up for http://anton.zuiker.com, but don’t be surprised by what you see. I just chose one of the templates. You could have your own site in minutes. Interested in creating your own Z-Page? Go to http://signup.zuiker.com. (Note: If you do sign up for a Z-Page, you can get free e-mail there, too. For instance, I could have anton@anton.zuiker.com if I wanted. If you use this e-mail, you may or may not want to have the other e-mail I described above.)

Anton Zuiker

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