I meant to make some

Dec 31, 2000

I meant to make some important changes to the site today, but I haven’t been able to connect my desktop computer to the Internet—I installed a new modem yesterday, but I seem to have been given a dud, my second in 5 months. It’s been a frustrating day. So Erin made me forget my troubles by taking me to our favorite pizzeria, Mama Santa’s in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood. Great lasagna and great pizza. I’m writing my blog posting on Erin’s Dell laptop computer. Still, don’t expect any major changes for a few days. Then, look for free e-mail—yourname@zuiker.com—an expanded message board, a calendar and a photo contest. I should have posted my thoughts on the movie Cast Away earlier this week. This film was excellent; it is slow, and the dialogue is a bit existential, but the drama is palpable. Please see the flick, and post your reactions on the Zuiker Chronicles Message Board.

Anton Zuiker

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