Thanksgiving Day. I’m in my

Nov 23, 2000

Thanksgiving Day. I’m in my pajamas listening to National Public Radio, working on the computer.

Strangest thing about this PC of mine. Every night, I can’t get the modem to connect properly to my ISP or AOL, but in the morning, no problem. Is this what kids are like? I find out soon enough — Erin and I go in next week for an ultrasound to view our baby, which will arrive in April.

Nick called last night from Virginia City, Nevada. He says he’s surrounded by mountains, has black widow and brown recluse spiders cohabitating with him in his apartment, and a coworker lost a pet peacock to a roving mountain lion. Sounds like Judy‘s kind of wild West.

Joel, Tracey and Gabrielle came through Cleveland last weekend on their way to Illinois. Gabrielle is cute kid, and Joel and Tracey are loving parents. They left early Saturday, and made their way to Lincoln Mall, where they waited for hours before realizing that Grandma, with whom they wanted to meet up, was still up north with Linda and Patrick and family. “I should have called the night before,” says Joel. Which goes to the point, let’s all keep connected.

At lunch the other day — the dotcom company that I now work for serves us all lunch in what was once a party center and still has a pool table, foosball table and cable t.v. — I watched a bit of the Maui Invitational basketball tournament. That’s the tourney that T.J. Nolan organized. T.J. and Chris are on some beach right now. And that’s something to be thankful for. Have a great holiday.

Anton Zuiker

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