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Nov 27, 2010

A few weeks back, Erin arranged for a family photoshoot out at the stunning rural home where we’d been invited to attend the Host Roast a few years back. Photographer Julie Rodon snapped a few hundred photos of us, and we’re delighted with the images. 2010 Family Photo Shoot - strolling I’ve posted some in a Flickr set, and we’ll be using a few for our holiday card.

I also finally have a professional profile photo to put on my About page.

Our Thanksgiving meal was all the more tasty this year because of Michael Ruhlman’s fantastic stock recipe and a double-breasted bronze heritage turkey raised on the small farm of Oliver’s daytime caregiver. And the crust of our pumpkin pie (as well as pies baked by neighbors for their meal) was made with the lard I made a few weeks back.

Today, after a run (Anna riding along on her bike), I took the girls to see Disney’s new animated film, Tangled. It was delightful. We saw it in 3D, which really only popped during a stunning lantern on the lake scene. I’ve also been watching the miniseries Pillars of the Earth, based on the Ken Follett novel, which I enjoyed reading many years ago. Now I’m reading Say Everything, a history of blogging by Scott Rosenberg (I’m delighted that he’s planning to attend ScienceOnline2011) — his book, and a recent upgrade of Textpattern, have me refocused on chronicling my life and work here on the Coconut Wireless weblog.

Tomorrow, we’ll be using our new Vitamix mixer, which our good friend Harold “Butch” McCarty sent us.

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