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Jun 28, 2008

I find myself having to muster the mental and physical energy to blog, but here’s a jumble of items and thoughts and observations from the last month or so:

Erin’s disappeared to study for the bar exam, staying at a friend’s house so she can concentrate on not washing dishes and mopping floors and folding clothes and ministering to children. I’m doing more of that while she’s gone — and, no, I haven’t yet read the NYTimes Magazine article about co-parenting equality, When Mom and Dad Share It All — but I was glad to see Erin come home last night and briefly today.

I had to miss The Monti storytelling night this week. I realize I never blogged about attending The Monti in May, a delightful couple of hours and six intriguing stories. Jeff Polish is creating an amazing initiative, and I hope I can collaborate with him soon.

After eight years with cell phones, and very few minutes ever spoken on my phones, I’ve hit a tipping point: I’m so busy that I have far less time to use e-mail to communicate with family and friends, and I’ve discovered that an earphone connected to my cellphone or the Bluetooth connection to the Sentra’s radio allow me call more people more often.

I’ve been updating DeKalb88.com over the last few days, posting pictures of the reunion and, today, the slideshow that my buddy Rob Deemer prepared for the dinner presentation. Rob’s an in-demand composer of classical and jazz music, and I’m thinking of commissioning him to write a theme for me, the mistersugar montage, perhaps.

In the mail today, a thoughtful and handwritten card from Kevin Hale, a developer at Wufoo.com thanking me for being a loyal customer (I use Wufoo for the registration and feedback forms for BlogTogether, DeKalb88 and Duke Medicine). Previously, Wufoo sent me a holiday card, and this company is still the only one — of online or off-line companies — that’s ever bothered to personalize its gratitude for my business. Thank you, Wufoo.

My aunt and uncle and cousins are visiting this weekend, up from South Carolina to check out the schools and jobs and homes of the Triangle. And, a few paragraphs ago, a call from Erin’s brother, Tim, who’s in Durham this weekend with his family; they live in Charlotte, but we rarely see them, so we’ll try to juggle lunch with them tomorrow.

The July issue of Inside Duke Medicine is online here.

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