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Jun 27, 2007

Since I left my solar-powered-fan-cooled hammock on the island of Paama in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu in late 1999, I’ve been on a singular mission: to merge my childhood dream of being editor of a national magazine, my college and early career training as a journalist and editor, and my newfound interest in new media and online community building into a new mix of writing, reporting, publishing and communicating.

When I found myself in North Carolina in 2001, I happened upon the medical journalism program at UNC-CH. My studies there gave me an additional background in science and health communication.

And my blogging activities have kept me up late at night as I explore new tools, plan conferences and ponder new strategies.

After a brief interlude at NC State University, I took a job as senior communications and publications research associate (read communications director) for the MEASURE Evaluation project at the Carolina Population Center. This has been an across-the-board enjoyable experience, and I have gained valuable management skills. But it’s time to change colors again, to hit the third corner of the triangle of universities in this part of North Carolina.

In August, I will take a new job at Duke University Health System as manager of internal communications. This will be a chance for me to mold a communications strategy that uses traditional tools (magazines, newsletters, posters) with new media tools (blogs, videocasts, wikis). I’m looking forward to the opportunities and challenges.

I will sorely miss Franklin Street and Chapel Hill, where I’ve spent the last six years feeling at home. But Duke is a welcoming campus, Durham is my hometown and Ninth Street has its own character.

Anton Zuiker

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