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May 30, 2007

Went for my noon-time stroll up Franklin Street, with a hard-back copy of The Reach of a Chef, by Michael Ruhlman, in hand — it’s out in paperback, as of yesterday. Ruhlman is waiting to confirm his July television schedule, but we’re fairly certain he’ll come to the Triangle to participate in The Lantern Table on Tuesday, July 24th, for a Japanese-style kaiseki dinner featuring meat and produce from Castle Rock Gardens. (See this article from the Indy last week.) I’ll plan a reading at a local bookstore, and maybe a breakfast roundtable for local chefs, too. Details will be posted at the BlogTogether wiki.

I stopped into Chapel Hill Comics to pick up Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina (read Brian K. Vaughan’s blog at, and on an impulse also bought Fell: Feral City.

Outside, on one of the bulletin boards along the street, I noticed a poster for a CD-release part at the Cat’s Cradle for Big Pretty and the Red Rockets, but visiting the band’s website shows they’ve changed their name since the poster went up. New name is Bus.

The new Independent is out, and features a summer guide to the region’s waterways — rivers, lakes and other wet excursions.

At the Courtyard, new trees going in, and new tables and chairs waiting for the shade. I went into 3CUPS for a glass of iced tea and a WSM cinnamon roll. In the Indy I’m intrigued by an ad for the Triangle Pen Show June 7-10 in Cary.

On my way back, a delicious passionfruit margarita Locopop.

Back at work now, and lunch break is over.

Anton Zuiker

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