Goal Aikat, assist Zuiker

Jun 26, 2006

Deb Aikat stopped into my office this morning to thank me for teaching his J-140 class last week while he was in Germany. He handed me a box that had in it a FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 hat (with the Germany colors), as well as a thank you card and a box of chocolates.

What can I say? There’s a reason Deb was voted the top journalism educator in the U.S. a few years back. He’s an amazing teacher, and somehow he picked up on three of my passions: blogging, soccer and chocolate.

I just stopped downstairs to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the second half of the Australia-Italy match. Man oh man—Italy wins at the last second on a penalty kick. Exciting, heartbreaking, memorable soccer this World Cup, even amid the crap like last night’s Portugal-Netherlands match.

Tomorrow: Brazil-Ghana.

Anton Zuiker

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