Batteries: recharged

May 29, 2006

I’d almost forgotten what a good, relaxing holiday weekend can be. These last three days, though, have been perfect: hot, still, anchored to home. I napped, twice, and watered the flowers more. I read a book. I biked to my gym for a workout. We picked strawberries at Jean’s Berry Patch. We had our neighbors over for a cookout. We talked with our friend Blaine Rogers. Last night, we visited the new home of our friends Badi Bradley and Luisa Pedrosa—they’re the first the move into the very cool co-housing development called Pacifica.

We stopped by a local swim club to determine if we wanted to join. On our way up the path, Erin and the girls almost stepped on a copperhead snake. At home, we have frogs perched in our table tent, and the hummingbirds are back.

And today, my mother got the call: she’s been offered a job as principal of a school in Winston-Salem.

Anton Zuiker

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