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Mar 28, 2006

A busy couple of weeks these:

  • Yesterday, I was part of a panel about career choices at the UNC Department of Biology. As a non-scientist, I was there to talk about Peace Corps and the importance of writing skills. One of the other panelists used to work for the Nature Conservancy in Hawaii and made a few trips to Vanuatu; another panelist, a lawyer, recently started a blog about international patent law.
  • Tomorrow, I’ll give my blogging101 talk to the J-130 Principles of Public Relations class at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • Next week, a blogs+health talk to the medical journalism for magazines class, a day trip to D.C. for work, then I head to Phoenix for the AMA Medical Communications Conference, where I’ll give a series of blogs+health talks. In Phoenix, I’ll get to see my dad, brothers Nick (and Staci) and Matt, my grandmother and a few aunts and uncles.

All the while, my desk at work is piling up as the project kicks into high gear and new publications and communications products stream in. Meanwhile, mom’s looking for work and Erin’s looking for spare minutes to cram even more legal learning into her brain.

Wow. What a ride.

Anton Zuiker

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