What's raven got?

Jun 27, 2005

A few weeks ago, I had a few hours to fill before my flight out of Washington’s National Airport (I can’t bring myself to use its official name), and so I hiked over to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian. It’s a beautiful building filled with all the history and artifacts and ghosts you can imagine the Smithsonian digging up. I was particularly enthralled by a large display of arrowheads (my uncle Stoddard, who is proud of his collection of points collected from the fields around DeKalb, would probably spend hours in front of that display).

And the art installation in the picture above caught my eye. It shares a wonderful similarity to the new logo for the Zuiker Chronicles. I’m not sure if the designer of our logo, Kelly Marks, tapped into the Native American tradition (click on the thumbnail picture above to see a larger version of the picture with the caption telling the story of how raven stole the sun), but the connection is certainly appropriate: Zuiker Chronicles is dedicated to the spirit of Frank the Beachcomber, who loved birds, celebrated the history of America and loved folklore.

Zuiker Chronicles Online is soon to be relaunched, with a new design and more features. Stay tuned.

Anton Zuiker

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