May 29, 2005

Went to see the film The Interpreter last night, and liked it for the suspense, not to mention Nicole Kidman’s ever-smoldering acting. But the movie was disturbing, too, because the fictional Matobo has too many real-world counterparts: Darfur, Zimbabwe, Cuba (two offenders on that island: I agree with Friedman that Gitmo should be shut down damn quick), Burma and other places.

“What’s your part?” Erin asked me on our way home as we talked about what individuals and international organizations can do to stop the madness of killing and ethnic cleansing and political persecution. I answered that perhaps my blog teach-in on June 11th could train the next Li Xinde, or that the magazine I’m planning for my day job could help spread hope in improving living conditions around the world.

That, and learn to listen to whispers.

Anton Zuiker

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