While we were sleeping

Dec 30, 2003

Of the four Honda CRVs that were in the apartment complex parking lot last night, the thieves decided ours was the one to target, and so they heisted the spare tire off the rear of our car. Harrumph. Through the day I’ve seesawed between Hammurabi’s code – lop off the hand of a thief – and Jesus’s – forgive and forget.

Anyway, still no baby. Our apartment has been full of testy people: Erin wants to deliver, Anna’s playing papa against mama, my mother is having challenges with her job, and I’ve got yet another story that I’ll soon blow the deadline for. There is a new year to celebrate. Can’t wait.

I whipped up a 1200-word essay today about the search engine at scirus.com. It’s an excellent tool for searching for health, medicine and science information on websites and in journal articles. My essay was for the scholarship essay award. The thousand bucks would certainly make up for the lost wheel (which will cost about $150 to replace if I get it from the Honda salvage yard near Charlotte).

Anton Zuiker

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