Anton is in the Big

Apr 28, 2001

Anton is in the Big Apple: It’s 7 p.m., and I’m in an Internet cafe at Times Square (the Lion King is playing next door). This is only my second time to New York—first time was July 4, 1996, when I came with my friend Richard Gildenmeister; perfect time to visit NYC, by the way, since all of New York, it seemed, had left for the holiday—and I love it. I’m reminded of London, Chicago and Copenhagen, cities with throngs of people walking the streets. Today was a beautiful day, with bright and clear skies and plenty of sunshine. I spent the morning at Columbia University’s School of Journalism, listening to the deans and professors and students tell about the intensive 10-month master’s program. Big decision ahead of Erin and me tomorrow when I return to Cleveland. Do we come to Columbia, rack up many, many thousands of dollars of debt, and then move on to Yale next year for Erin to get her master’s degree? Or do I skip J-school and continue plodding along in my journalism career? Yikes. Anyway, I’m in New York. What’s your favorite city? Post your vote by clicking on the Discuss link at the end of this paragraph. Later …

Anton Zuiker

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