iTunes #2

Sep 8, 2004

On Badi’s recommendation, I picked up Taj Mahal’s Farther On Down the Road.

Perhaps I heard Taj play this back in the early 90s when I caught his concert in Honolulu. I went by myself, and sat in a school auditorium with poor acoustics, but I loved every minute of the night. Those were my first months out of college, and when I wasn’t working my two jobs (at HMSA and Auntie Pasto’s) to quickly pay down my college loans and even more quickly pay for a plane ticket to bring Erin out to Hawaii for Christmas, I was attending every film, concert, culinary and cultural event I could, often in the company of my father. (Dad’s birthday is tomorrow – visit Zuiker Chronicles Online for a tribute to him.)

Add your recommendations for my 30days-30iTunes search for a diverse music collection here.

Anton Zuiker

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